The Problem We Want To Solve

One in four children in England are not considered “school ready” by the Department of Education and there is a growing trend of children not having sufficient personal, emotional and social skills when they start school.

The Department for Education considers children “school-ready” if they show a “good level of development”, according to the early learning goals in the Early Years Foundation Stage framework (EYFS; Department for Education, 2013). 

Based on this definition, over a quarter of children in England (28.2 %) are not school-ready by the age of five (Department for Education, 2019).

There are also anecdotal reports from teachers and EYFS professionals that highlight factors such as poor social development and personal management skills, which have a negative impact on a child’s ability to thrive in a school setting.

The Lecturers and Teachers Association conducted research in 2016 which found that 70% of primary schools reported an increase in children starting school wearing nappies with as many as 1 in 6 pupils starting school without being toilet trained.

Arguably, the more time teachers and teaching assistants spend helping children who are not school ready in these areas (taking them to the toilet, helping them put on their coat) the poorer the learning experience will be for the whole class.  

Why Mirakin World?

There are many TV programmes being produced for children, but over the last ten years the commercialisation of children’s channels has meant that “educational media” has often been traded for commercial entertainment. 

Mirakin World is different. It has been created from the beginning with the needs of the pre-school child in mind. Helping them to understand the world, express themselves, make better friendships and learn basic early years skills that are vital to succeeding once they get to school.

Dr Amanda Gummer, founder and MD of  “Good Play Guide” has been working closely with the Mirakin World team and explains more about the benefits to pre-school children:

“We are often asked for advice on what is good for young children to watch on TV, so it was exciting to be invited to work with a business that is genuinely trying to address the issue of young children arriving at school ill prepared for their learning journey. It is all too easy these days to outsource parenting to the iPad or mobile, but now Mirakin World is creating content that it is shaped by educational professionals, but is still exciting and fun for the pre-school child.”

Mirakin World is helping children develop key Early Years Foundation Skills as set out by the Department for Education. These include: Communication and Language skills, Physical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Literacy, Mathematics, and expressive Art and Design.

With a fantastic set of stories and characters children start to learn without even realising it. Why not give it a try and watch the first show now?

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