Our Story

Emma Alcock, a professional artist living in London,  first created the Picture Pixies to help explain the world to her pre-school son. A beautifully created series of Pixies featured on simple panels with letters, places, objects and numbers. One of Emma’s clients, Schehrezade Davidson, saw the pixies and shared them with her daughter who also loved them and very soon a new business idea was born.

Two Mums, One Big Idea

From this small beginning Emma and Schehrezade have created a business with its sole focus on helping pre-schoolers prepare for school. Through the trials and tribulations of parenting young children, they quickly realised that many TV shows were of little or no educational value, and that while the iPad was a really engaging tool for children they were all too often wasting time on mindless games.

Hence they set about creating a new entertainment channel for pre-school children that was not only great fun, but also engaging and educational. Helping pre-school children to develop vital skills that they would need when arriving at school. The two entrepreneurial mums raised an initial round of finance and brought together a team of experts from across the world. 

The result is Mirakin World – a place where children love to learn. It’s also home to the Picture Pixies who are now helping children across the world develop the key early years skills.

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