How to use Mirakin World?

Its as easy as ABC for you and your children to get started in Mirakin World


  1. Watch and enjoy the Full Episode
  2. Watch the four shorter Learning Videos that are related to the Full Length episode
  3. Sign up to be notified when the next videos are available.

Things to look out for in the Full Episodes
Each Full Episode will have a series of Social and Emotional learnings, as well as several key problems that need to be resolved. Whenever the Picture Pixies and their friends have a problem they always have to think what they would draw to help them solve the problem. 

Things to look out for in the Learning Videos

Each Full Episode breaks down into 4 shorter learning videos. When the child is familiar with the characters and stories they are more likely to be engaged in these more direct learning sessions. It is here that they will begin to learn basic early years skills such as: Communication and language, Physical development, Personal, social and emotional development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the world and Expressive art and design

A word from the Child Psychology expert Dr Natascha Crandall

“Mirakin World aims to address all of the needs of the child by modelling characters who learn through play. The characters are creatively driven and inspired by colours and shapes around them. They use their imagination to create things that help them solve problems. While creativity is at the forefront, this property also tackles the other areas of need for young children including: Maths, Literacy, Social-Emotional Learning, and STEAM to round a Whole Child Curriculum which every child can benefit from”. 

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